Pineapple Island

Back in 2008, Pineapple Island got its start thanks to Nathan’s travels. He stumbled upon some amazing handmade jewellery on the beaches of Bali and thought, “Why not share this with everyone?” And so, Pineapple Island was born, to bring handmade surf jewellery to customers across the globe.

What makes Pineapple Island stand out is their direct-to-maker approach. We’re all about skipping the middlemen and teaming up directly with Balinese artisans. That way, they get a fair deal for their artisan skills.

For Pineapple Island, it’s all about quality, style, and having a green mindset. Each piece has its own story, which is perfect for those who fancy something unique. Plus, because they work directly with makers, they make sure everyone’s treated fairly, and customers know exactly where their products come from. But here’s the best part – it’s all about affordable wanderlust. They get that itch for travel and the call of the sea. That’s why they’re dead set on bringing you pieces that embody the thrill of discovery without emptying your wallet. Quality, style, and the spirit of adventure – that’s the mantra at Pineapple Island.

Check out their range here.

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